Our Why

The Story Behind NOT A SISSY®…..

In July 2012, I was speaking at the Be  Choosy Retreat in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I was standing before a group of students and I was speaking to them about their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was challenging them on how they needed to take a stand for their faith in loving Christ-like way. It was at that time I shared a statement like this below…

I am tired of a bunch of sissy Christians. In fact I am NOT A SISSY® and I will take a stand! I will share the truth in love as Christ did for each of us on the Cross.

In that moment my heart jump! I knew I had been giving an incredible statement and phrase. For the remainder of the retreat I continued to use the phrase NOT A SISSY®. My worship leader, Jeremy was at the retreat with my myself and my wife Jenny. As we would have time to visit the phrase continued to come up.

Some time after returning home I began to research the phrase along with Mark our media associate for our ministry. We acquired our website and social media handles. We also created a T-shirt which people really liked. We then went through the process of registering NOT A SISSY® as a trademark. We were able to trademark the phrase and the journey began.

NOT A SISSY® is a registered trademark of ProActive Faith Ministries, Inc. and all proceeds from the sell our T-shirts and other resources go directly back to our 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry.

The motto of NOT A SISSY® is Sharing the TRUTH in love, NOT condemnation!

Thank you for visiting notasissy.com and enjoy our online marketplace.

Thomas E. Brewer
Creator of NOT A SISSY®

Our Local Oklahoma City Partner…..

I would like to personally thank the Oklahoma Shirt Company and their team for the assistance with NOT A SISSY®. I always seek to “partner” with local business when needing outside helping in fulfilling the needs of NOT A SISSY® and ProActive Faith. Starting in the Spring of 2016, the Oklahoma Shirt Company became the “officially” printer of our NOT A SISSY® T-shirts.

Please contact the incredible team at Oklahoma Shirt Company for any of your printing needs. Also visit them for the “Shirt of the Month” if you love OKLAHOMA!

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